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About EMET

EMET GROUP specializes in all key technical layers – Software development, Enterprise applications, Digital, Cloud computing, on-premises infrastructure, business continuity, Managed services, data integration, management and analytics, security solutions, AI and high-performance computing, and professional services.

The Company was established in 1984, and had accumulated, over time, a large number of specializations and partners. Our experts specify, deploy and tune technological solutions to our clients’ needs, with great professionalism.

EMET GROUP is comprised of several companies specializing in various technical and business aspects of IT, to provide professional responses to our clients. EMET’s skilled team of experts customizes both comprehensive and specific solutions, all based on the wide range of competencies of the group’s companies and its business partners.

EMET GROUP is a public company, traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, and is proud to be working with a large number of clients, from large enterprises to small start-up companies. The Group, ranked by Dun’s 100 as one of the leading Israeli companies, employs more than 1,400 employees in its offices in Ramat Gan, Haifa and Petach Tikva.

EMET GROUP has been acquired by FIMI, the leading private equity firm in Israel with, more than $7 billion in assets under management. Companies controlled by FIMI have more than 50,000 employees in 50 factories around Israel and another 100 factories and companies worldwide.

EMET GROUP provides global service to clients with international needs. EMETs skilled professional team is prepared to provide quality solutions to any challenging condition that may arise on the client׳s side.

Full Stack IT Infrastructure

EMET Computing provides, deploy and support the full stack of IT infrastructure:

Professional Services
Consultancy, deployment and on-site assistance. Maintenance services. Remote monitoring with 24×7 NOC
Data, Big-Data and analytics
RDBS, Hadoop, NoSQL and machine data and advanced analytics
Hyperscale clouds
Services for public cloud customers
Business Continuity
Backup and restore, Disaster protection, Data transfer to cloud
Cyber Security
Identity and Access Management, API security, O/S Security, Network Security, Cyber Analitycs.
Operating systems, Virtualization, Containers, Linux and Open-Source, DevOps, Software Development.
Hosted IT
Managed services by EMET Cloud’EM
Rack-Scale Systems
Infrastructure for large scale private clouds, compute clusters and software- defined systems.
Data-Center Technologies
Enterprise-grade, full service servers and storage
Top-of-Rack to core networking, Virtual and physical network appliances, Bare- Metal Switch O/S.
Design, integration and logistic services for software vendors.
Assignment of IT experts with a personal touch

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EMET is committed to provide the best available computing technology, competence and service, thus allowing our customers to focus on their business objectives


EMET is structured as a set of domain-specific companies, each focuses on an aspect of the vast IT infrastructure domain. This structure is designed to provide dedicated and professional resources to our customers. EMET professional sales team provides our customers with complete solution or point-products based on the group diverse specialization and extensive list of partners.

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