Say hello to hybrid cloud savings, speed, and simplicity

And 99.99999% satisfaction (hey, no one's perfect). Emet Technologies and Netapp believe an innovative, no-compromise, unified hybrid cloud experience should be simple to achieve. From stronger building blocks to expanded strategic guidance, get there with Netapp’s latest hybrid cloud innovations.

It’s time to build your data fabric

Let Emet Technologies and NetApp unlock the best of cloud so that you put your data to work in the applications that run your business. It’s called building a data fabric, and you’re in good company.

Don't box yourself in

When it comes to cloud storage, you have a choice. Box yourself in with a basic data center migration or get more out of your data with NetApp on premises or in the cloud.

With partners like these, cloud’s a no-brainer

There’s a good story behind every cloud partnership, especially when they start with names like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. When it comes to your public cloud, you deserve the best.

Why Emet Technologies & NetApp for hybrid cloud?

What if you could move your data and workloads wherever you wanted while managing everything with ease, security, agility and compliance? Emet Technologies and Netapp give you the freedom to choose your cloud and build it as your own. So, no matter where your data and workloads live today—some in the cloud and some in your data center—we make your hybrid cloud hum.

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