Why choose Red Hat for Linux?

Every technology in your IT stack needs to work together. And the workloads need to be portable and scalable across bare metal servers, virtual machines, containers, and private and public clouds. They need a modern, security-oriented operating system (OS). That OS is Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®.

With a standard OS underlying your workloads, you can easily move them across environments—where it makes sense for your business. Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you a consistent, stable, and high-performance platform across hybrid cloud deployments, along with built-in manageability and integration with the broader Red Hat management and automation portfolio.

Red Hat is a trusted partner to more than 90% of the companies in the Fortune 500, and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription provides you direct access to, and advocacy within, the open source community. It also integrates with an ecosystem of thousands of certified cloud, software, and hardware providers. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is your foundation for innovation, offering the latest stable development tools, container technologies, hardware, and cloud advancements.

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